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BLISS: ERP Software for the Food Industry

BLISS ERP system is the original enterprise resource planning solution for the Food and Drink Sectors. Drive Computing, BLISS developers, has been helping companies stay competitive since the 1980s. It is the top ERP food software for small and medium sized operations. Is all your supply chain information at your finger tips? Is it actionable? Do you need to improve margins? Are customers demanding longer shelf life? Today, customer demands are greater than ever before. Margins are under pressure. If you are looking for greater control, we have the solution. Today BLISS is widely used in:

Ready Meals Soups and Sauces
Bakeries Chilled and Ambient
Tinned produced Beverages
Fish Processing Health Foods

BLISS ERP software gives manufacturers greater end to end visibility of their business. For example, the BLISS erp solution gives companies control over:

Batch/Lot Tracking and Traceability
Quality Control Processes
Enhanced Warehouse Management
Product Shelf Life Management

After all these years, the BLISS ERP system is still the best solution for small to medium sized food and beverage companies: manage perishable inventory, meet tightening statutory obligations, stay on top of quality issues and manage margins all from one user friendly interface. Naturally BLISS is continuously developed. We have an active user group which meets periodically at locations around the UK. This unique partnership between Drive Computing and its clients is at the heart of the ongoing development of BLISS. BLISS is modular and all modules are integrated. This means they share data to improve business processes, processes that cut across traditional functional boundaries. At the heart of BLISS is a fully integrated financial suite incorporating General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable. In addition the standard BLISS modules are:

Customer Relationship Management
Material and Inventory Management
Recipe and Formulation Management
Product Specification and Quality
Product Cost Management
Manufacturing Planning Management
Purchase Order Processing
Sales Order Processing
Health and Safety Management
Electronic Data Interchange
Quotation Management
Contract Orders Management
Business Intelligence

....quality software from a British company

Drive Computing

An off-the-shelf or a bespoke software solution? What food and drink ERP software options are available? Detailing your processes will help you refine your options. You could save money by bringing your processes in line with an off the shelf solution. The easier alternative is to chose a flexible solution like BLISS. Having built in flexibility reduces the likelihood you’ll need expensive enhancements.