About Us

The original ERP food company is a British business formed in 1983 with over 30 years experience. Drive Computing is the vendor-supplier to speak to about using ERP in the food and beverage sectors.

If you are a food or beverage company speak to us about ERP for small and medium-sized operations.

As a company, we have always focused on process sectors, particularly food and beverage, therefore, clients are able to tap into our 30 plus years knowledge in the business alongside our staff with industry experience.

This helps us to develop a detailed understanding of a customer business processes and their system requirements. Which results in us providing a better solution in a faster time-scale than our competitors.

Our main approach is to develop long-term relationships with clients. This relationship enables us to work with clients to identify alterations to the handling of their supply chain. Our clients effectively are in control of the future development of their software.

Admission to the uniquely independent BLISS User Group brings the ability to influence future developments. Keeping clients supply chain software relevant and effective leads to long and supportive partnerships and product innovations. This approach also protects your investment in the future.

As a UK ERP food company, all software development is performed in the UK meaning a fast response to user request for change. Service is improved by locating all product expertise locally to the customer, eliminating time and language barriers. We also have strong relationships with all the major hardware manufacturers as well as other leading specialist software vendors. We work together to offer you the widest possible choice of computer equipment and complementary application products. As a UK ERP software vendor, we see our role as helping you achieve lasting business benefits from using BLISS.