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ERP for the Food and Drink Industries

The original integrated manufacturing management system for the food and drink industries

Food ERP UK is arguably the best way to deal with the challenges of operating in today’s UK food and drink sector.

We’ve been at the forefront of developing food industry specific solutions for more than 25 years. This allows us to offer food ERP UK products and services developed for UK food and drink companies. If you are new to food ERP it can be difficult to know where to start your search. There are so many ERP products available. Yet only BLISS has been developed for small and medium sized UK food and drink companies.

And no matter what kind of processing you do - whether its continuous processing, semi batch or batch processing we can help.

Fewer and fewer UK food and drink companies remain independent. Tougher compliance and competition, low profit margins and a demanding customer environment, mean companies need every advantage. The more product lines you have the greater the need to have your critical business factors in full view.

Food and drink companies face specific issues in implementing ERP due to the nature of their produce and a relatively weak market position. We believe these issues translate into a unique set of requirements.

Thriving companies manage every part of their supply chain: from forecasting and distribution to shelf life and minimising waste to having 100% traceability.

Growing businesses often take on new levels of complexity. Often this happens without anyone really noticing. If you are striving to reduce reporting time, lower costs or increase turnover, you need an “edge”. Our promise is if you implement BLISS food ERP UK you will notice the benefits quickly where it matters..the bottom line.

Our food ERP UK solutions will allow you to manage your business in a way simply not possible with older systems such as MRPII.

Drive Computing

An off-the-shelf or a bespoke software solution? What food and drink ERP software options are available? Detailing your processes will help you refine your options. You could save money by bringing your processes in line with an off the shelf solution. The easier alternative is to chose a flexible solution like BLISS. Having built in flexibility reduces the likelihood you’ll need expensive enhancements.