Macphie Case Study

Macphie is the UK's leading independent food ingredient manufacturing business, so it is essential that they maintain a competitive advantage in every aspect of customer service. This philosophy extends to their IT systems which incorporates fully integrated stock, recipe control and development, order processing and financials. Macphie believe that mutual benefit can accrue from long and close working relationships with their trading partners and it therefore comes as no surprise that they have worked with their principal IT provider for over 16 years now. Macphie first invested in Drive Computing's specialised food ERP application, BLISS in 1994 after having assessed the high functional fit that BLISS was to their business.

Their Financial Director, Raymond Howitt says,
'The strength of any software is a given when it comes to IT decision making but this should be closely followed by the quality of the people you are also investing in. Over 16 years we have worked with Drive to enhance BLISS to deliver effective solutions to the ever changing demands of the food industry. Today we still see the core strength of the original product but also now see BLISS meeting the demands of modern day e-business. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Drive and the value for money we get from that investment.'
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An off-the-shelf or a bespoke software solution? What food and drink ERP software options are available? Detailing your processes will help you refine your options. You could save money by bringing your processes in line with an off the shelf solution. The easier alternative is to chose a flexible solution like BLISS. Having built in flexibility reduces the likelihood you’ll need expensive enhancements.