ERP Solutions for Food and Beverage Companies

Our food and beverage ERP software has been designed exclusively for UK food and drink companies.

It is offered as a series of integrated software modules that share your organisation’s data. Each module gives you access to different information that’s critical for running your business. Our software can support a single site business as well as multi-site, or multi country operations.

Our solutions are literally client driven. Our food and beverage ERP software solutions are continuously developed. This means they are at the forefront of new thinking on ERP in food and drink. Much of this input comes directly from our active Client User Group. We see our role very much as translating our clients’ ongoing requirements into critical developments.

Our food and drink ERP solution (BLISS) will give you control over all aspects of your business, from new product development to shelf life. It’s a world away from MPRII.

Worried your investment may become obsolete? Our food and beverage ERP software is independent of any hardware platform. So no matter what hardware you use it can be easily integrated with our solution. This approach offers portability and choice. At the same time enabling new technologies to be incorporated in the future, protecting your investment.

BLISS food and drink ERP solution offers a consistent and clear view of all your company’s information. Screen information and reporting can be tailored to your precise requirements.

Batch, semi-batch process and continuous process manufacturing styles are catered for, enabling companies with a mix of styles to operate without limitation.

Whether make to order or stock, BLISS enables users to manage customer requirements: orders, forecasts, supplier control, materials management, quality control, production and the distribution chain.

BLISS works perfectly well “out of the box” for many clients. However all available modules have built in customisation options. This reduces the need for expensive enhancements. Clients get the best of both worlds: a tailored solution without the hefty price tag. No other food and drink ERP solutions can match BLISS for price and performance.

Our food and beverage ERP software solutions enjoy the following benefits:

Scalability of application

Choice of hardware, database and user interface

Ease of integration with existing systems and other software

Easy installation and quick return on investment

Best price/performance available

Reduced cost of ownership

High reliability and longer system life

Drive Computing

An off-the-shelf or a bespoke software solution? What food and drink ERP software options are available? Detailing your processes will help you refine your options. You could save money by bringing your processes in line with an off the shelf solution. The easier alternative is to chose a flexible solution like BLISS. Having built in flexibility reduces the likelihood you’ll need expensive enhancements.