ERP Project Management and Implementation

Drive Computing Methodology

ERP solutions UK food and drink don’t just rely on great products. They succeed or fail on the quality of the project management and implementation.

The sheer scale of ERP solutions can take companies aback: ERP can touch on all aspects of an organisation, impacting all staff and their roles.

The best food and drink ERP software options only get you so far.

Successful ERP project management means client staff become important members of the implementation team. Typically few staff, if any, have seen ERP implementation close-up. Co-opting client staff at an early stage, is the best way to ensure success at all stages of the project.

Keeping costs down has traditionally meant companies changing business processes to accommodate their chosen solution. However, our ERP solutions offer some flexibility making implementation as pain free as possible. Your Drive Computing project manager takes time to get steeped in your business processes to ensure our solution fully meets your business requirements.

Successful ERP solutions for food and drink take a robust approach to project scope - deciding which processes fall under the scope of ERP implementation. Without taking a disciplined approach, it can be difficult to adhere to timelines.

ERP system implementation is always phased and involves:

Strategy and Planning - This includes determining the budget and timeline for BLISS implementation
Blue Printing and Design - Details how old ERP and legacy systems will work together and what processes are to be included in the ERP system
Food / Drink Software Configuration - This includes a gap analysis to work out whether any customisation is required
Data Migration From Old Software to New - Before migration can be completed the company’s existing data must be evaluated to determine if any bugs, errors or gaps exist
BLISS System Testing - Testing and quality assurance of the new system. At this we usually run both old and new systems parallel until testing is complete and all technical documentation finished.
Full Implementation of BLISS - BLISS only goes live when it is free from bugs, its operation is fully documented and staff trained in its operation.


(Structured Implementation Methodology for Process Led Environments)

Our ERP project management and ERP implementation methodology
is designed to ensure:

There are no gaps

All major risks are properly managed

You have sufficient capability within your company to ensure smooth transfer

Interfaces with legacy systems are working properly

Drive Computing

An off-the-shelf or a bespoke software solution? What food and drink ERP software options are available? Detailing your processes will help you refine your options. You could save money by bringing your processes in line with an off the shelf solution. The easier alternative is to chose a flexible solution like BLISS. Having built in flexibility reduces the likelihood you’ll need expensive enhancements.